Olódùmarè (Òrìṣà Music CD)


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Title: Olódùmarè

Artist: Kọ́lá Abímbọ́lá

Track Sampless
1. Èṣù, Enhance My Existence 

2. Monarch of Ifa 10:15

3. My Ori! 3:10

4. The Blessings Of Osun 3:03

5. Music Conquers A City 3:18

6. Oya Yemoja Sango 2:40

7. Religious Egalitarianism 4:26

8. Ifa The Sage 3:36

9. Ostrich Ethics 5:11

10. Be Strong 1:39

11. Obatala The Creator 3:39

Òrìṣà Music is blend of spoken word, jazz, hip-hop and funk, with Yoruba music and Òrìṣà chants.

Lyrics written and composed by Kola Abimbola. Vocals: Kọ́lá Abímbọ́lá, Nicole Carryl and Popoola. Beats by: Chaz Mortimer, Tynz Hampton, Kevin MacLeod, Bensound, Tweak and Tony Allen. Mixing: Tynz Hampton, Chaz Mortimer and Anna Boiko-Weyrauch. Recorded at Ibori Records in Portland, Oregon, and District Entertainment in Alexandria, Virginia.